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10 Ways You Know That Workout Music is Enhancing Your Workout and Your Life…

  1. 45 minutes has passed without you even noticing and you’re still working out.
  2. You’re working out harder than you ever have been able to before when listening to Workout Music.
  3. You look forward to exercising for the first time and don’t find excuses not to because you’ll be jammin’ to Workout Music.
  4. You’ve been out salsa dancing one night a week ever since you’ve been groovin’ to the Latin CD you bought for exercising.
  5. Now your dog has to keep up with you on your walks, you don’t have to keep up with the dog.
  6. You just bought a sexy new outfit you’ve been admiring, one size less, since you’ve been exercising to Workout Music.
  7. Your friends tell you they envy your new body—you need to tell them your exercise secret—Workout Music.
  8. You’ve added go to the gym to your regimented weekly calendar.
  9. You buy your significant other the same workout CDs so you can spend more time together—exercising and listening in tandem.
  10. You were a couch potato, now you tell people you’re an avid exerciser